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Map of Kazantip cape. The author V. Toropov
Map of Kazantip cape. The author V. Toropov

Position and the geological structure

Kazantip is located at the apex of the protrusion of the land, by which the middle part of the Kerch peninsula goes into the Azov sea. This protrusion divides the Arabatskie and Kazantipskie molded edges. Kazantip - peninsular elevation, which has in the plan the form of the ellipsis, whose long axis is elongated from the southwest to the northeast by 4,5 km, and short - from the southeast in the northwest on 2,5 km. The frame of cape is formed by the anticlinal raising, framed by ancient Bryozoa reef. Marine animals, pearlweed, Membranipora of lapidoza, forming colonies, settled on the underwater slopes of this ancient island. Weathering and erosion subsequently formed in the center of islet anticline reduction - basin, and Kazantip peninsula found the formal resemblance to the annular reef- atoll, which resembles typical coral atolls.

View of Kazantip from the aircraft
View of Kazantip from the aircraft

Limestones are inclined toward the sea and will form the elliptical bank, which frames the internal basin of peninsula. This basin is located on the spot the nucleus of fold, formed by clays with the thin interlayers of limestone-coquina and clay- lime species - marls. In its center section is located the basin, which gave occasion for the name, which indicates in the Turkish languages “the boiler on the hill” (large kettle - boiler, the tele- separate mountain, apex, hill), or “the bottom of boiler” (tyup - bottom). Basin surrounds the bank elliptical in the plan and asymmetric in the cross section, whose height reaches 106 m. above sea on Kazantip mountain. In several places the bank is descended by saddles to the absolute marks 30-50 m, while in the North Western part it is cut by gorge. Basin is opened by this gorge to the Azov sea - its gently sloping bottom is located at height 15-35 m.
Kazantip is connected with the Kerch peninsula by low (1-3 m) trapeziform in the plan cross connection - elongated from the north to the south on 2 km. It connects it with the adjacent Aktashskoy (Belokamenskoy) elevation. Limited by the sandbars, which separate from the sea the shallow Aktashskoe salt lake with area 25 sq. km. From the eastern side the lake adjoins Ostaninskoe (Oysulskoe) swamp. Here it concludes most extensive in the Kerch peninsula r. Samarli.

Kazantip coast is in small particles cut. It comes out into the water area as rocky capes and goes into the land by small bunches. On the eastern shore it is allotted by cape Tashik- Burun, on northeast - cape Kazantip, on west - cape Zemlianki, on southwest - cape Long and Zhelyaevskiy. The borderguard post is located in the latter. The largest bunch Shirokaia is located in the northern part of the peninsula. Opposite the gorge, which cuts elliptical bank, is located Senkina bay, and in pereymy, which connects Kazantip with the continent, The Arabatskiy molded edge goes into the land by the bay of Mysovoy, and the Kazantipskiy molded edge - by bay of Tatar. The large antique settlement and the underground motion, which leads to the coast of sea, was discovered above the Tatar bunch. Settlement is dated by II v. B.C. Archaeologist i. T. Kruglikova identifies it with Gerakloe fortification, mentioned Strabonom and by Ptolemy. Not far from it, it is nearer to the Mysovomu, in VII-IX centuries were located the yurtoobraznye buildings of small Khazarskogo settlement. The remainders of rock walls and antique estate were preserved.

Nature and the climate of Kazantip

Sandy beaches from the western and eastern sides of cape make it possible to use wind of any directions optimally. Kazantip ideally is suitable for occupations by the aqueous forms of sport, by windsurfing, funboarding, kite. On Kazantipe, because of the gently sloping shore, the coastal waters already in the first decade period of May, which makes it possible to begin bathing season on 25-30 days earlier than in the Black sea. It is necessary to note that a quantity of sunny days in the year - 285, which on 10 days is more than at the health resorts YUBK. The climate of the Azov coast of the Crimea is arid. A quantity of atmospheric precipitations here increases from the West to the east from 300 to 400 mm per year (in the most arid years - 200 mm, into moist - to 600 mm), moreover in the warm period of year falls out only more than half of annual total precipitation. Natural conditions in Kazantip region are close to the ideal - average annual temperature of +11 °C, the coldest months - January and February (mean temperature minus of 1,1 °C), the warmest - July and August (the mean temperature of +23,9 °C). The absolute minimum of temperature reached minus of 26 °C, the absolute maximum of +37 °C. Frost-free period lasts on the average of 222 days, hot period with the average-daily temperature of air of +20 °C is above - from first half of June on first half of September. The position of Azov coast in the south of temperate zone determines the significant entering of solar energy. Insolation duration is here great and composes 2300 - 2350 hours per year. The mean temperature of water in the Azov sea on The [kazantipa] coasts composes +12 °C. In June - September the average monthly temperature of water exceeds +20 °C, in July and August Azov water [progrevaetsya] to +30 °C. The average salinity of Azov composes 1,2% (against 1,8% in the Black sea and 3,5% in the world ocean).

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